Frequently Asked Questions

DO YOU DO LAUNDRY? No. While Global Cleaning Network Services is 100% insured, we do not want to be responsible for ruining your favorite garment and being charged with the task of replacing it.

DO YOU DO DISHES? No, Upon arrival to a clean, if there are dishes in the sink, Global Cleaning Network will carefully remove dishes, clean/sanitize the sink and place dishes back. we do not want to be held responsible for a China plate accidentally slipping out of soapy hands and breaking into a pieces.

HELP! I NEED TO ORGANIZE MY PANTRY: Global Cleaning is there to do just that: clean. This includes in a regular clean and a deep clean. Please note, we do not organize your pantry, your study or knickknacks left on your dining room table. Global Cleaning Network will remove all items, clean, dust and/or sanitize and place all items in a neat pile upon exiting room. There is also no reason for GCN to enter closets, pantries or garages: not even to clean. If this service is needed this can be exclusively added as a add-on bonus service (please check for rates)

My mother-in-law is a bit of a hoarder. Does your company service these types of clients? Unfortunately, Global Cleaning Network is not equipped with the manpower to tackle a hoarded job. Maybe some time in the future but for right now we cannot accommodate.

I’m moving out of my home and I need my carpets and furniture steamed, do you provide that service? Global Cleaning Network does not steam clean or shampoo carpets or furniture. However please check our partner network. We have all fully vetted service professionals nationwide.

We have several bay windows that cobwebs and other bits of nastiness. Can you clean those for me? Global Cleaning Network will happily dust your blinds and wipe your windowsills, but will not wash your windows. We do however have a partner network of vetted professionals such as window cleaners, painters, carpet cleaners, etc. Please visit the link to the website to find professionals in your area.

There are a bunch of dust bunnies collecting way underneath my couch and love seat. Will you be able to move and lift the furniture to get underneath there? Global Cleaning Network will not move any furniture or appliances to clean underneath. If an extended duster cannot reach under, unless the client moves the furniture or appliance prior to Global Cleaning Network’s arrival, it will not get cleaned.

We have really high to the sky ceiling fans and vents that need to be cleaned. Is your company equipped with a ladder and a high stool for hard to reach high places? Global Cleaning Network does not work on ladders or step-stools due to insurance liability issues. How unfortunate would it be to be cleaning a 20-foot high ceiling fan and fall off the ladder in your home? This is a risk, we do not want to take. Thank you for understanding.

Do you clean homes with pets? Yes! Global Cleaning Network has cleaned many homes with fur babies however, we do ask that while your home is being cleaned, you keep your furry loved ones out of the area of the clean. This is out of respect for not only the cleaning staff, but your pet as well. We don’t want to waste unnecessary time cleaning and re-cleaning the same areas. This includes cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters, turtles, and any other pets that are not human.

I have a bunch of stuff on my dresser and my bathroom counter, should I move them? Preferably, yes. Global Cleaning Network can remove all items and wipe down surfaces, but it will take a bit longer than if the items were already removed. This only applies to extreme cases of keepsakes and small items such as fingernail polish, stackable/breakable trays of perfume and jewelry, etc. Either way, we will make that area sparkle and shine clean.